Veterans Memorial Stadium : Still fighting the Good Fight!


Anonymous said…
Thank you Jerry and Linda for making a special trip to Harrisonburg to take a few pictures of history being made, or should I say history being lost. But more than that, thank you so much for supporting a friend during a sad experience. To put life into perspective ... without a doubt there is definitely more important things than the game of baseball or some bleachers, a press box, a groomed dirt and grass area that provides an area for boys to hit, catch and throw a little white ball around. As long as we place it all in the right place on our priority list, then you can appreciate and understand it's importance, enjoyment, and it's place in history. I've definitely found a top place for true friendships on my priority list and the Carter family is right there on that line! You guys are the best!
Is there going to be a round #2 on Tuesday ?
Anonymous said…
Yes, they were starting again this morning. The man I spoke to at 5:00 said that they're hoping to get the center section down today ... I guess that means that the "lone press box" will be falling. Then they'll do the Turks section, visitors section will be ready to come down probably Wed. & Thurs. and then according to the paper today the concrete will be crushed on Friday. The man told me that it will take all week. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there will be any dramatic bang, just the gradual chipping away process that was going on yesterday. I'll be over there on and off today again but I've got some other things I've got to take care of. I'm hoping to be there this afternoon when the press box comes down. I'll send you pictures! Thanks again.

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