The Curry family had a Big Night on multiple courts !

Growing up I have many fond memories of watching a young Dell (Wardell Stephen) Curry fire 3-pointers for the brand new Charlotte Hornets. The VT graduate made a name for himself during a solid NBA career (1986-2002).
There are folks here in the Valley that can trace Dell back even before his days down in Blacksburg. Curry grew up in the Harrisonburg area and played his high school basketball for the Fort Defiance Indians. Curry was taken by Charlotte in the expansion draft after his second year in the league and spent the majority of his time playing for the Hornets.
The fact that Dell is know on the coaching staff for the Charlotte Bobcats took a back seat the past couple of years to the fact that another Curry was tearing up the record books. Stephen Curry led tiny Davidson to the brink of the Final Four last season and is simply on fire again in 2008-2009 season.
So if someone told you that a Curry went for 26 points in a huge upset Tuesday night it would not come as a big surprise. That is until you find out it was younger brother Seth going 9 of 18 from the floor as Liberty University (2-1) shocked UVA at John Paul Jones Arena.
Seth went 4 of 9 from behind the arch (big surprise) and 4 of 6 from the free throw line in the 86-82 victory. The freshman played his high school basketball at Charlotte Christian High School before signing with the Flames and heading to Lynchburg.
Stephen scored 39 points last night for Davidson to raise his junior year average to 35.0 for the season for the Wildcats. Stephen also played his high school ball at Charlotte Christian HS.
The Bobcats (4-9) also had a big night on Monday when they defeated the visiting 76ers by a final score of 93-84.


Anonymous said…
It was a huge night and a surprise night too for the Currys, with Seth scoring the 26 points along with the shooting percentage from the Flames all game long. UVA put up a great fight there but had no answer on the defensive end guarding the Flames. I was at it but I do have to understand its going to be a rebuilding year for the Hoos. They will be good in 2 years believe me they will.

The other shocking stat is that Stephen Curry for Davidson scored no points and only put up 3 shots against Loyola (MD) but they won by over 20. I must say the Curry family tree is great at basketball no matter what school they go too.

CCD said…
Hey Mike,
I saw the line from the Davidson game tonight, makes me wonder just a bit...

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