Friday Morning with Bill Meade's Pigskin Picks

Page News & Courier Sports Editor Bill Meade made a creative decision this week with his High School Picks. All of the area High School teams have been eliminated so Bill choose to go with the four Class A games being played this week. We welcome anyone that would like to play from home!
HIGH SCHOOL: All Games Saturday
William Campbell @ Franklin
Lebannon @ Floyd County
Essex @ Gretna
Clintwood vs. Holston @ UVA-Wise
Virginia @ Va. Tech
Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State
Oregon State @ Oregon
West Virginia @ Pittsburgh (Fri)
NFL Games
N.Y. Giants @ Washington
Carolina @ Green Bay
Denver @ N.Y. Jets
Pittsburgh @ New England


Anonymous said…
Virginia by 2 touchdowns over VT
Oklahoma over Oklahoma State
Oregon State over Oregon

Washington over NY Giants
Green Bay over Carolina
NY Jets over Denver
New England over Pitt
Atlanta over San Diego

CCD said…
Great to hear from you Mike- Hope all is well...
Anonymous said…
All is well here Jerry, thou I gotta get thru these tough UVA times but I know the future is bright in 2009-2010 for the programs.

I am going to have my story for you and John next Monday if not for sure next Tuesday.

Any word yet on when the schedule for VLB is coming out?


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