Road Trippin' with Bill Meade and the Luray Bulldogs... Luray @ Eastern View (Culpepper)

The cell phone rang Saturday morning at 10:54 A.M. and it was none other than Mr. Bill Meade of the Page News & Courier. It turns out that Bill was going to be heading across the mountain to Culpepper later Saturday to cover the Luray Boys Basketball team. Luray was scheduled to face the Cyclones of Eastern View High School. EVHS is playing its first year of sports after opening this fall over in Culpepper County.
I informed Bill that this is the Sunday that we give Christmas gift bags to our customers and that we would be prepping them all day but if we were at a stopping point by the 6:00 P.M. departure time I would be up to the ride.
A few minutes after 5:00 there is a ring of the door bell and it is Bill asking if he can be of some help with the treats. Mr.Meade pulls up a chair and starts on the pile in front of him with no questions asked. Now, there is two ways to look at that- Bill is just that nice of a guy or he was just desperate for some company... Those of you that read this site know that I am a glass half full kinda guy so for me it is a case of Bill being that nice.
The one thing that is great about talking with Bill is the amount of stuff the two of us have in common when it comes to our outlook on High School sports.
At 6:10 P.M. it was time to Go Over the Mountain and Through the Woods and we made it in time for the tip off...
There was plenty of pics to take and stories to tell and they will follow. I will get as many up before it is time to head down to the shop and deal with the Sunday Post...

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