Gate City Escapes with a 3-2 Victory over Rams

Strasburg fell to defending state champion Gate City 16-14 in Game 5. __________________________________________________

The amazing run by the 2009-2010 Strasburg Rams came to an end shortly before 2:00 P.M. Friday. The effort that this group of student athletes gave their Head Coach Suzanne Mathias all season was nothing less than superb. These 14 young ladies have done their school and their community proud.

The final record will go in the books at 25-2 for the campaign. The Senior Class will be missed by all that are proud to wear Purple!
It has been an honor to be a small part of the Strasburg Rams Volleyball family over the past four years. The amount of class and dedication shown from the likes of Kaitlin Smoot, Katie Baker, Bethany Doman, Jenna Smoot, Jaclyn Ayers, Stephanie Conde- just to name a few- has been amazing. It was my hope to create smiles along the way for the athletes, parents, students and coaching staff.
Congrats to the Class of 2009-2010 and best of luck in your future plans and Thanks for sharing something magical with us all!


Anonymous said…
For the Strasburg Rams from a fan in the Shenandoah Valley:

You fought the hardest you could. You did the best you could. No one can take that away from you. Don't be ashamed of the result.

You never lost a match in September, October and half of November. That's an accomplishment.

Very few teams make it to the state round three years in a row. That's an accomplishment.

I don't doubt for a second this hurts. It will hurt for a little while. But soon you will realize what you accomplished and smile the biggest smile.

And those people smiling back at you: Your family, your friends, your coaches, your fans. They adore you. And they are so very proud of you. I am, too.

Congratulations on an outstanding season.

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