The Beginning of the End for Veteran's Memorial Stadium...

The concrete wall is all that remains behind the fence
Looks a bit different from the 1ST base line
A look-up at the missing bleachers and old press box
How many years of memories ???
Home plate a young ball player soaking in the moment
There used to be something here, right?
The bullpen that once was...

The front sign- why wasn't it the last to fall?
All that is left is the wrecking ball...
Still waiting for the date to be announced...
I am betting the new park will be full of bells and whistles
But somethings can't be replaced...
Teresa and Bob Wease will be there to see the final stages of the old ball park that has been a staple for the city of Harrisonburg and the Valley Baseball League !


Anonymous said…
Great pics and comments Jerry. Hard to look at though. Still no word from JMU on a date. I hope you got m e-mail about an open house for the public tonight 6-8 at Memorial Hall. Chance to see what they've done to update old high school for JMU's classes and "a look at the new sports complexes"! There's no formal program just sounds like a browse at your leisure thing. We're going over with Bob's brother Lynn Wease(former Waynesboro RCBL team owner-Fishersville Rangers) and his wife then grabbing a bite to eat. I think we're going at 6 so maybe we'll see you. John L. said he had soccer practices, etc. and he wasn't sure he'd make it. Thanks again for the pictures!

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