Week #3 of Bill Meade's Page News and Courier

Week 2 is in the books and there is a new leader- Mrs. Nerissa Viafora. Nerissa (15) went 9-3 in week two to take a 1 point lead over a trio of Prognosticators. Kevin Bush, Page Meadows and yours truly each went 8-4 to keep Nerissa in sight. Week #1 leader and host Bill Meade dropped to 12-12 after going 5-7 in the second week of action.

Generals Sign Guy Mike has remained in the spirit of supporting the site and send a set of picks in each week and we hope he will do the same this week... The format is 4 HS games, 4 NCAA games and 4 NFL games. Mike went 6-6 in week #2 to up his total to 10 Points.

The games on the board for week #3...

High School:
1.Clarke County (1-1) @ Luray (0-1)
2.Stonewall Jackson (1-1)@ George Mason
3. Turner Ashby @ Spotswood
4. Broadway (2-0) @ Rockbridge (1-1)

1.Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech
2.Virginia @ U-Conn
3.Ohio State @ So. Cal
4.Shenandoah University @ Bridgewater College

1.New Orleans @ Washington
2.Indi @ Minnesota
3.Tennessee @ Cincinnati
4.Philadelphia @ Dallas (Monday)

Have a little fun and as always we thank Bill Meade for the invite to play along!


Anonymous said…
Better week for me than Week 1 but let me see how I can do here for week 3:

High School:
1.Clarke County over Luray
2.Stonewall Jackson over George Mason
3. Turner Ashby over Spotswood
4. Broadway over Rockbridge

1.Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech
2.Virginia over U-Conn
3.USC over Ohio State
4.Bridgewater over Shenandoah

1.Washington over New Orleans
2.Indianapolis over Minnesota
3.Tennessee over Cincinnati
4.Philadelphia over Dallas

10 road teams to win out of 12 lets see what happens!!



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