Battle of the Mountain Round 2 in Photos

Pictures from tonight. Sorry they're so Smink-heavy but I'm just trying to make Juliana feel like she was really there to see him pitch :)

Skipper Mike eyeing up the Wranglers
Adam McClain at the dish..

Adam McClain about to go deep

Josh Wright, Tanner and McClain celebrate his home run

Smink hard at work

What a beautiful sunset over Bulldog Field

Hey- I recognize that puppy!
Monte and Andy hard at work...
Markel scored the Wranglers 2ND run in the 2ND

Bruce Alger and Bill Turner share a moment

A view from the Press Box

Mrs.Charlie (Melissa Dodge) collected stamp #8 last night!

Mr. & Mrs. Birmingham watching their son pitch

Another shot of Mr.Smink at work

The Birthday Girl!

A meeting of the minds @ the mound..

Logan Turner enjoying the game from the front row..

How about that Zach Maxfield and his 3 run Homer

Tanner cleaning up a bucket of balls

Another shot of the 29 year old Birthday girl

Mr. Bruce Alger getting stamp #11 of 12 !!! Way to go

Time to shake hands with the other team

Setting up for the tennis ball toss

Fun at the old ball yard after the game

Jefferson after the game.


Jules87 said…
You're amazing, Rebecca!!! I knew I could count on you to take awesome pics so I wouldn't miss out entirely. Your photos are definitely the next best thing to actually being there, which I wish I could've been, but you know how that goes when it comes to trying to get off work. Anyway, keep up the great job and I will hopefully see ya at the game on Saturday! Take care!

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