The tale of the Tape- How many miles for our journey

Chris Graham asked me the night we met him again down in Staunton how many miles did we
travel for our journey? We still had to get back to Luray for our 11Th stop and I didn't have the #'s added up yet. Please remember that each person will have a different total based on where they live in the Valley. I believe the least miles one could drive could possibly be in New Market but that is another brain teaser for people smarter than myself.
Here is a look at the actual door to door mileage from our house here in the southern part of the town of Luray:

Day 1- Woodstock River Bandits (5/31) 34.5 miles each way = 69.0 miles
Day 2- Waynesboro Generals (6/1) 65.5 miles each way = 131.0 miles *
Day 3- Fauquier Gators (6/2) 43.0 miles each way = 86.0 miles
Day 4- Front Royal Cards (6/3) 26.0 miles each way = 52.0 miles
Day 5- Covington Lumberjacks (6/4) 132.0 miles each way= 264.0 miles *
Day 6- Winchester Royals (6/5) 50.5 miles each way = 101.0 miles *
Day 7- New Market Rebels (6/6) 15.0 miles each way = 30.0 miles
Day 8- Harrisonburg Turks (6/7) 35.5 miles each way = 71.0 miles
Day 9- Haymarket Senators (6/8) 59.5 miles each way = 119.0 miles *
Day 10- Staunton Braves (6/9) 60.0 miles each way= 120.0 miles *
Day 11- Luray Wranglers (6/10) 2.0 miles each way = 4.0 miles

*= Over 100 Miles Round Trip

Total needed to make the adventure- 1,047 miles from South Luray
Miles Per Gallon in Mercury 23.2/ Gallons of Gas - Just over 40
The experience- PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said…
Wow great job guys and I have to agree the memories from each game PRICELESS!!

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