Bulldog Pool Party

Here are some pictures from our afternoon with the Bulldogs. There are more and you may see them crop up a little later...

The Dogs Chillax
The guys sat around watching the final innings as LSU came back to win! Here are a couple of other pictures from around the house, too. And what a beautiful house the Painters have! There are a couple shots of the Painters preparing the food and such for the hungry boys.

More Baseball? No way!

Yup. The 'Dogs headed outside for the most intense game of woofle ball I've ever seen in my life. Though, toward the end...

Toward the end...
I think they realized that baseball just wasn't their game. So they headed for the basketball court, instead. A couple also stopped to play some ladder ball (a.k.a. redneck horseshoes?).

In the end...

Everyone relaxed, talked, and ate some delicious food. Overall, it was a fun afternoon. We took some last-minute pictures of some of our favorite people and then headed off to the field for the Wrangler game.


Anonymous said…
Wow all great pictures, nice place with grilled hamburgers thou me I luv to have steaks. Nice pool and basketball court.


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