Covington-Covington and more Covington- Jeff Jefferson captures All Star Home Run Derby

Here is how the All Star Game wrap-up will work here at ATV-60: Rebecca put the 241 pics I took into a viewable bucket so people can see them until I/We have the chance to break them down by teams and add some notes and share some stories. The process will take a few days because of the UN-believable amount of neat people we ran into down there. By my count I have 12 stories that I want to tell and I will start with the Home Run Contest....

The 13 VBL stars that earned the right to take their swings for the fences...

#13- Brandon Sizemore- Waynesboro Generals - College of Charleston

Brandon is nursing an injury that kept him from taking part in the contest and that was a shame because the fans would have enjoyed watching this Cougar take his turn at the dish. General Sign Guy Mike could make an argument Sizemore is as talented as anybody in the VBL and you wouldn't have to twist my arm much. Get well soon...

The other 12 qualified for the Contest by having 4 or more HR's going into Sunday. I will include the 7 players who participated in the opening round and then move to Round-2

Evan Webb- Waynesboro Generals - Tennessee Tech
Mickey Wiswall- Winchester Royals- Boston College
Michael Precise- Harrisonburg Turks- Troy
Landon Camp- Harrisonburg Turks- Oklahoma City

Drew Johnson- Harrisonburg Turks- San Francisco
Marcus Nidiffer- Covington Lumberjacks- Kentucky
Tyler Townsend- Winchester Royals- Florida International

Now to the Fab 5 that hit 2 Dingers in the Opening Round and made the Semi's:

Cory Johnson- Luray Wranglers- U of South Florida
Kevin Dietrich- New Market Rebels- UNC-Pembroke
Adam McClain- Luray Wranglers- Memphis (McClain hit 3 more )

Then there was 2.....

Jacke Healey- Waynesboro Generals- Potomac State


Jeff Jefferson- Luray Wranglers - Liberty University

Healey added 1 more Dinger total his total and finished the event with 7.. Nice Job

Jefferson started with 2 in the first round, pounded 6 in the second round and cleared the fence another 3 times for a GRAND TOTAL of 11!

Mr. Kieth Jefferson was a proud PAPA and Jeff's high school hitting coach Mark Austin both spent the entire event chatting with me and Luray skipper Mike Bocock added a note or two. I kept trying to get Bocock or Kieth or Mark to take credit for his power display but each one begged off so I came to the conclusion that Jeff big win was tied to the way I announce his AT-BATS at Bulldog Field......Jeff plays for LLLLIIIIBBBBBBEEEERRRTTTYYY University!

Congrats to all 13 VBL sluggers!

More stories to come later.....

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