A Grand Night in Waynesboro (Tues) & 1 of a Kind Evening in Woodstock (Mon)

I have to try and type fast as we have 23 minutes until we have to head back over the mountain and start delivering the Washington Post. The trip down to Waynesboro with Mr. John Leonard and his family was everything I had hoped for and then some.

We also ran into Generals Sign Guy Mike and he brought us a VCR tape of the segment that Damon ran for the promotion on TV-3. Mike and John have been chatting back and forth for a while now thru John's All Things Valley League site but the meeting last night was the first face to face for two of the most passionate VBLers around.

Monday night was remarkable as well. After leaving Harrisonburg (rained out) in search of VBL action, I ran into John at Stu's place up in Woodstock. The River Bandits were trying for their third or fourth time to host the Haymarket Senators. Once I knew that John was there to cover the action as only he can, I went in search of stories and I struck the mother load! Larry Smoot, Roger and Mickey, Jeff Walters (at the end), smiling Craig Orndorff and the gang are always a blast to be around. I have 30+ minutes of tape on the stories from these amazing folks.

I owe the readers Waynesboro info, Woodstock info & the balance of my team takes on the All Star so I will do my best to take care of business as soon as possible.


@ Waynesboro 9, Covington 2
@Staunton 7, Harrisonburg 4

Much, much more later. God Bless...

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