Greg Maddux & The San Diego Padres vs. Phili (Photos)

Petco Park
The View from the Trolley/Train
Is it time to go in ?
Greg & His Two Sons
Greg and young Mr. Hoffman
Shagging fly balls during BP
Part of the fan section they call "The Beach"
More BP
CF- Jody Gerut
KOOZ's BP ball rolling to a stop
Classic Moment as the two sons head off the field
Greg heading to the Pen to loosen up
22 years of following him- 1ST time in a home park of his
Time to get the arm ready
Yes- from about five feet away
More Pen work
42-year old righty still has it
What a neat day at the park...
Hope there is a 2009 to come
45-year old Moyer says he is coming back-Hope Greg does too

The Friar getting the crowd ready!
Time to get the party started!
On the Mound
From right behind the Padres dugout
45-Year Old Jamie Moyer still has it going on
Maddux & Kouz
Check out the smile on that face.
Off to a Good Start
But so was Moyer...
These two vets traded zeros for the first six innings
000000 000000
Sorta making look easy...
I get to bat too...
Is it my turn yet?
I guess that means yes!

Greg...Greg & Kouz
I just need that one pitch to Burrell back
A great deal of fun for me

This message made me laugh
I'm ready for you Jamie
No magic Friday night though

Time to head to the dugout
But I'll get to do it again in 5 days!

When you pitch into the 8TH and only allow 1 run aren't you suppose to win?
What a night for both of the Vets...
Greg leaving in the top of the 8TH inning
Another quality start from a quality guy...
Hey- I know these two ladies as Linda and Rebecca stand in front of PETCO !


Anonymous said…
Nice pics! Glad you got to see Maddux before the Padres shipped him off to the Dodgers. Now at least he should get run support! You'll always have the memory of his last start as a Padre and you were there. Interesting stat: Maddux is the only pitcher traded after reaching 300 career wins twice (two years ago from the Cubs to the Dodgers). But I guess you knew that already?
Hope to see you at a volleyball game soon. Cathy opens with mighty James Wood this week.

Anonymous said…
Looks like yall had a fantastic time in San Diego. Wish I knew you were going. My daughter lives there and I would have enjoyed tagging along. What a great trip that would have been ... visiting my daughter, son-in-law and adorable grandson, taking in a baseball game, and getting to spend quality time with the Carter family! Wow!
CCD said…
I must say that YES- San Diego was too much fun! It has always been one of my favorite places to visit and what an incredible Ball Park!
I had a hunch that Greg might be heading up I-5 after Brad Penny became injured but my guess is he will be back in San Diego next year.
The tough part is that San Diego had a 3-game set in D.C next month so there was a hope of getting to watch him again...

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