Getting 2 Comments on Maddux in San Diego will keep me writing a bit longer...

When we got off the plane in Salt Lake City on the way out to San Diego I struck up a conversation with a Delta employee from Southern California. The topic of our trip out to the West Coast was we were on are way to see my baseball hero- Greg Maddux pitch against the Phillies.

The nice man was in his 60's and he was quick to tell me that it was time for me to get a new hero because my guy was so soft that he could hit him now! I smiled and remembered that Mom told me to respect my elders. He wouldn't have any part of my talking about his three straight wins or the seven blown saves. "Doesn't matter- I could hit what he throws".

Bring in Ryan Howard and the Phils who are competing for the NL East crown with the Mets. Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Company couldn't do what Mr. Delta claimed he could. My guy tosses a five hit game into the eighth inning and still loses by a score of 1-0! After the game Maddux does what? Dog his team's offense or tear up the locker room? No- He compliments the efforts of Jamie Moyer (3 years older than Greg) on his effort for the night.

The pic I have of young Maddux and young Hoffman running of the field together will soon be blown up and hanging in the office. Priceless moment for sure!

I want to say THANKS for both of the comments left about the adventure. I am no different in my passion for Maddux than say Generals Sign Guy Mike is about the Generals! If he does end up trying to help out Joe Torre and the Dodgers his next few starts stand to be in Phili and/or D.C!!!

I will get back to more VBL related matters here soon but I just wanted to say Thanks for the notes!

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