Season Recap #12- The Luray Wranglers : This could take a while...

It is going to be difficult to separate out my own thoughts about this one and the actual team itself but I will give it a try. As we know the Wranglers capped off a 37-15 season by claiming their second Jim Lineweaver Cup with a 3-0 sweep over Covington. The Wranglers played 52 games between May 31ST and August 5TH with two of the games being played on the same night over in Fauquier. A total of 52 games in 51 nights plus an exhibition game vs. Vienna so we will call it 53/52 with 29 games taking place at Bulldog Field.

I missed the first 3 home games due to the Around The Valley tour stops but managed to handle the PA duties for the following 26 home games including all 7 VBL playoff games. On the road I managed to go 12 up and 12 down as many a night I was over at New Market working the web when the Wranglers were away from home. 38 nights during a 67 night season I watched the Wranglers take on the remainder of the VBL and there are too, too many stories to try and tell. I am not sure if I could even cut it down to a Top 10 because there are so many special moments.

Ed Short tossing out the first pitch after I read the amazing story of this true Hero. Getting Travis Smink to stick his head back out of the dugout for a curtain call following his efforts against Covington in game 1 of the finals. Hanging out with Seth McGuffin and Ryan Carroll up in the press box or maybe saying LIIIIIIIBBBBBBEEEERRRRTTTTT University every time Jeff Jefferson came to the plate at home. Meeting Jeff's Dad (Mr.Jefferson) or Clay Kelly's Dad Pat and of course having Clay Kelly stay at the house with us until he had to go back to Dallas baptist University.

I can't forget the post season banquet where both Buck Harman and I were mocked pretty well during a series of skits by a few Wranglers that shall remain nameless...Quality stuff

The team that Bill Turner, Buck and skipper Mike Bocock put on the field was off the charts. Once they arrived in town they simply took off. A slight bump in the road came when A. J injured his hand but the team regrouped and ran of 7 straight playoff wins to capture the crown.

The post game meal we had at the house following the second round opener against Staunton proved to be a special experience for us as well. We wanted to complete the personal cycle of helping our ball club and I believe that was the only remaining event to lend a hand to. The efforts to pull off the Vienna double header was something to remember for a long time and getting to have Rebecca help out in the press box on the nights that we were short handed was fun as well. Having Bill let me where the cap of minority owner for a stretch for a season was more than I could imagine and I remain grateful for the opportunity.

The Sunday morning before the home opener when Diane Buckley came over to the house right after we delivered the final Sunday Washington Post so we (Rebecca) could try and set-up the programs for the home opener that night. Bumping into Ryan Schimpf and Brad Painter at the Luray 7-11 as they were out looking for some late night food. These are just some of my memories from the 2008 Summer in relation to the VBL Champions Luray Wranglers...

How 'bout them Wranglers....

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