Bill Meade and Randy Arrington burning the Midnight Oil at the Page News & Courier

I always know what night of the week it is by the number of lights on at the Page News & Courier when we toss out their copy of the Washington Post to the front door. On Tuesday night you will always see the office lights on upstairs where the editor Randy Arrington is hard at work.

The last minutes before print time is crunch time and Randy will be up there trying to finish "putting the newspaper to bed" before it is transmitted over to Harrisonburg. The newspaper is
printed over at the Daily News Record each Wednesday but not until Randy signs off on the finished product. This week that exercise took on a whole new meaning of "Deadline Pressure" as the Luray Wranglers captured their second VBL Championship in the past three seasons.

The fact that the clincher took place on a Tuesday night and then the post game ceremony lasted to well after 11:00 PM made things very interesting for both Bill & Randy. There was a story to write and pictures to match-up from the series but there was also the remainder of the Sports section to assemble around them.

Most weeks when we look up at the one light up in Randy's office you know that he is close to pushing the button but this week they were both hard at work.

"We didn't put the paper to bed until 3:00 AM," Meade said. "You get some sleep and then you are faced with only having a few days to put the next edition together."

I want to say Congrats to both Randy & Bill for their finished product that hit the streets just hours after their late night/early morning finishing time! You can check it out by going to and then scroll down the left side until you see the Page News listings or you can just Google Page News and Courier

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