VBL & ATV-60 Lottery for 2009 Season Passes to take place tonight prior to Game 1

There will be a pre-game ceremony before the VBL Championship opener tonight as "The Commish" Dave Biery and Rebecca will head out to the pitchers mound with a bucket (UVA bucket) that will contain 50 Ping Pong balls. Each Loopster will be pre-assigned a ball number and the winners will be announced as they happen .

Dave will reach into the bucket 10 times and each time a ball is picked the PA guy will announce the winning Loopster! If you are at the game you will see this happening, if you are listening on the web I will ask Seth to announce the winners and of course we will post them on the blog later tonight.

The passes are coming from the VBL office and we are excited that the folks at the VBL office elected to provide us with so many passes. With 10 of 50 winning each Loopster will have a 20% chance of winning a 2009 Valley Baseball League season pass!

Good luck to all of the Loopsters!!!
UPDATE FROM SAN DIEGO- Padres lead 3-1 in the top of the 8TH inning after adding a run in the bottom of the 7TH. The bad news is the Giants now have the tying runs on base with 0 outs.

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