Day 68 ! The Morning After.... Congrats to the Wranglers!

For the first time in over two months I won't have to be traveling on I-81 corridor.The ride has really been something to remember and it will be fun to try and watch the dust settle from the Summer of 2008!

We have a number of things still sitting on top of the desks both upstairs and downstairs and we will continue to post them until they are all done! While we did not have to go to Covington for a Game 4 tonight we did have to travel this morning. Once a year the Washington Post has a gathering for the top performers in relationship to service numbers. Rebecca and I headed toward the big city what felt like 20 minutes after leaving the Luray Moose Lodge early this morning.

There was a large package blocking our front door when we returned home 10 hours later and we were hoping it was the 50 Loopster Wind Breakers. The jackets have indeed arrived and now we will take them down to Daniel's shop and he will begin working his magic! We hope to have them done inside of the next two weeks and then we will begin to make arraignments to get them delivered...

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