Turks Loopsters land 4 of 10 2009 Valley Baseball Season passes...

Rebecca and The Commish took the field before game #1 carrying a can full of 50 ping pong balls inside, one for each ATV-60 Loopster that finished the 2008 Tour.

The ceremony was fun for all and here is the list of the 10 Loopsters that will be allowed into all 12 VBL parks during the 2009 season!

1.Greta Klosinski - Harrisonburg
2.Julie Hagaman - Winchester
3.Jenny Fierro - Harrisonburg
4. Melissa Dodge - New Market
5.Cathy Crider - Harrisonburg
6.Kenny Grant - Staunton
7. Joe Cashwell - Haymarket
8. Sean Youngberg - Waynesboro
9.Tabitha Lunsford - Waynesboro
10.Colton Molidor - Harrisonburg

Thanks to the VBL for providing the passes and I will take the responsibility to get them distributed when they are ready next spring...

Congrats to all 10 Winners !!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said…
HOORAY!! I'm sooo excited that I won a pass!!! I just got back into town from Canton, OH for the NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement and I rushed over to find out the playoff standings! Wow! I never guessed that Covington would trip up Waynesboro for a final spot. Here's to a great final battle!
Anonymous said…
Congrats to everyone that won, also congrats to Tabitha and Sean from the General gang and also to The Rabid Rebelle from New Market.


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