ESPN RADIO 1240 - Buffalo Gap 21, Riverheads 14 -It lived up to the Hype ! Pics 1ST

Riverheads on offense near mid-field
News-Virginian's Jim Sacco reporting to duty or in this case the U.S. Army sponsored Tail Gate Show on ESPN-1240 The Boss

Chip Crabill visits with Dave Norman before the game. Dave teams up with Mike Bocock on the TV Broadcasts in the Valley while Chip and I handle the radio side.

30 Years in the Circulation side of the newspaper business and this is one of the Coolest things I have ever seen. Kudos to the News Virginian...

Buffalo Gap driving down the field...

Riverheads totals -
Rushing 50/174 yards (3.4 avg)
Passing 3-8-1 30 yards

Individuals- Rushing
Cory Sandridge 19/76, Montana Puffenbarger 17/68, Joseph Cash 6/20, Demetrius Younger 6/8 (1-TD), Cameron Brown 1/6, Team 1/-4 (Fumble)

Passing : Brown 3-8-1-1 30 yards

Receiving- Sandridge 1/9, Cash 2/21 (TD),


Buffalo Gap Individual Totals-

Rushing 37-158 (Avg. 4.2)
Nuckols 24-109 (3-TD), Sheridan 7-29, Huff 5-23, Johnson 1-(-3)

Passing -
Sheridan 4-7-0-1 64 yards

Jones 2-48, Knupp 1-13, Johnson 1-3

More game notes below:

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