Let's play 2 one more time- Thank you Ernie Banks

It's 4:02 p.m. on Tuesday and I got my 90 good minutes of sleep so I am good to go. We will start off by stopping at Bulldog Field for the 6:00 first pitch of the Lancaster @ Luray Elite Eight baseball game. The game tonight will be the biggest in school history and though we can't be there but for the start, we will gobble up some pictures and say hello to some folks.

We will then head north on US-340 to get to the "Bing" for the Waynesboro @ Front Royal game! Sabrena made it home safe and I have checked in with ALL THINGS VALLEY THINGS so let's hit the road and play 2!

We will try to stay informed about Strasburg, Waynesboro and Alleghany prep scores as well. If anyone out there has info later on any of those games please let us know!

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