Sabrena heads back to LU and her "real job"

At 10:25 a.m. this morning our oldest daughter Sabrena hit the road that will take her back to Liberty University in Lynchburg. Rebecca and I will be continuing to make the rounds but we will miss our third musketeer. She has a bridal shoot to do this afternoon and she still hasn't unpacked from her mission trip to Brazil but she promises to post the remainder of the Waynesboro pictures as soon as she has a few minutes.

As I have been telling people each step of the way, Sabrena shouldered a huge portion of
the work load in the early stages of the promotion! She created the logo, the posters, the passports, the ink pens as well as starting up the blog. Like the story about Bruce from yesterday- she did all this while trying to complete her masters degree and start up her own

She has also promised to take the time when she gets back to put down her thoughts about
the people she has met in Woodstock, Waynesboro and Fauquier as well as the night in Strasburg. We wish her Godspeeed on her journey back down good ole US-29!

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