A Perfect end to a "Season of a Lifetime!- We are Strasburg"

For those of you that haven't read about the book before I will touch on the big night in Strasburg, Va. last night. I took the money I was paid by the NVD to cover high school sports
for the two years and put it back into two projects. One of course is Around The Valley in 60
Days and the other one was a book that Sabrena and I created for the Strasburg community about their Volleyball program.

I had the privilege of covering these young ladies for the past two seasons and spent a great deal of time with Coach Suzanne Mathias and Athletic Director Matt Hiserman. The idea of the book started building steam on Senior Night when I found out more and more info about the 7 seniors on the team. The team went on to Richmond and completed their journey with a 28-0 season and the schools 1st State Championship but as I said during my speech last night, the book was about the close nit team and the community. The fact that they won the State title was simply icing on the cake.

The banquet was run the same way everything else is handled up there, with a great deal of class. I was able to say one final THANK YOU to the following people-
Sabrena- who designed the entire book from cover to cover
John Galle- Sports editor from the Shenandoah Valley Herald who took the cover photo and wrote a great recap of the season for us.
Judith Smoot- Mama Smoot took charge at the beginning of the project by gathering all of the needed info and then helped out at the back end by helping us edit through 58 pages of info
Libby Smoot- Libby is the General Manager of the NVD as well as mother of Jenna Smoot and wife of baseball coach Jeff Smoot (Jeff- I hope you all can get it done tonight!). I thanked Libby for the checks that were written for the stories and she also provided some of the pictures that we needed for the book.
The Strasburg community- For letting an outsider come into their "family" and get close enough to create the project.
I had to head out of the building to get over to Warrenton as soon as I was done but the team presented us with some gifts and WORDS that I will remember for a long, long time! The only thing I would of done different last night would of been to ask Mr.Doman is he would of stood up and led one more round of "We are -Strasburg!"
One project coming to a close- the sister project just getting started!

Sabrena and Jerry with the Strasburg Ram!

The Ram in front of the plaque and the around the valley poster. What a perfect combination!

The current set-up of the top of our entertainment system. A sea of Around the Valley blue and green and Strasburg purple.

We are Strasburg.

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