Waynesboro and Around The Valley have BIG nites!

What a night ! Just when I was thinking we would not be able to match the fun or success we had enjoyed the previous night in Woodstock....

I want to stay true to my format so I will list the top 10 reasons last night was UN-believable!
I will take the time to do that as soon as the papers have all been delivered....

But for now- the road teams won 3 of 5 and are now 8 of 10 two days in. I guess the home cooking will kick in later! We have a great set of photos and stories to tell and we hope you check back later to get caught up on our trek AROUND THE VALLEY in 60 DAYS!


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed it Jerry and was glad to meet you and your family. Yes the road teams are 8-2 right now. But who would have seen a 13 run inning and it being the 1st inning coming. I have never witnessed that ever and even the players said afterwards they might have scored 10 in a inning or more but never like that in the 1st.

13 runs with 4 hits, 4 walks and 1 hit by pitch and also to add a run on a error. Yes the Turks are down in players and I know they will get better but their fans know they don't want them to dig a huge hole at the beginning of the season.

If u need my email its mortondog2002@yahoo.com and if u need my phone # just ask there. Be glad to cover as many Generals games on here and also on All Things Valley League as much as possible. Thou the only thing is 4 straight days of work at night due to 1/2 of the workers at the bowling alley bowling in New Mexico.

This goes for all the fans for each teams out there, go support and spread the word. Build that fanbase because the players and coaches do appreciate it, believe me when u hear the coaches talking about the nicknames afterwards you know u are doing a good job. If each teams attendance can go up atleast 25-50% from last year then I know everyone is doing a good job. Also Jerry you are doing a great job spreading the word around about Around the Valley in 60 days, keep up the great work and same goes for the family.

By the way ty for the free tickets in the drawing I won it in the 1st inning and Paul from the Generals Superfans won the drawing I say in the 6th. The other Superfans names are: Benji and Brian (both does hard work finding and getting nicknames), Jay and Chrissy (best friends for a long time and very diehard fans), Paul (just the same as above, big St John's fan and also Maryland and if I am correct him and Brian thought of the Whoa Nelly nickname from last year. Plus almost forgot Chuck, one of the nicest fans out there, there is much more in the crowd and I am forgetting some of their names and all of fans are #1 fans.

Just call me a number 1 fan but also the #1 Generalsignguy and also #1 Generals stat man.


Anonymous said…
Hey Jerry!
So great meeting your family and Miss Diamond last night! What you guys are doing is so great and so appreciated! My family has always been about baseball so helping to bring baseball back as a family event rings so true to us! We have a "summer family" that we look forward to and tresure. It's so fun for our son to make these friendships and connections in addition to all he learns from his "brothers"! Keep up the good work and we shall see you "Around the Valley in 60 Days" :)
Anonymous said…
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