Let's play 2 one more time- Thank you Ernie Banks

It's 4:02 p.m. on Tuesday and I got my 90 good minutes of sleep so I am good to go. We will start off by stopping at Bulldog Field for the 6:00 first pitch of the Lancaster @ Luray Elite Eight baseball game. The game tonight will be the biggest in school history and though we can't be there but for the start, we will gobble up some pictures and say hello to some folks.

We will then head north on US-340 to get to the "Bing" for the Waynesboro @ Front Royal game! Sabrena made it home safe and I have checked in with ALL THINGS VALLEY THINGS so let's hit the road and play 2!

We will try to stay informed about Strasburg, Waynesboro and Alleghany prep scores as well. If anyone out there has info later on any of those games please let us know!


Anonymous said…
I can tell ya that Luray won 17-4 and Waynesboro won 6-2 so they both made it to the state semis.

The Waynesboro-FrontRoyal game was interesting thou if u wanted a game with great defense then this one was not the game. If I am correct from what I heard on the radio both teams had 6 errors. Cardinals won 9-5 but this game really could have went either way. Generals seemed to hit the ball well but all the walks and the errors came to haunt them after the 5th inning. Hope we can get back on the winning track tommorrow vs Luray.

Other scores from tonight are: Harrisonburg 7-4 over Covington so there is no more undefeated teams, and Winchester over New Market 8-3 and no updates I can hear or find from the Staunton-Fauquier game.

CCD said…
Thanks, Mike! We just got back from the Waynesboro-Front Royal game and you couldn't have summed it up any better.
CCD said…
I wanted to add the teamwork that was going on behind the scenes tonight with the High School scores. The Luray coach and Adam Critzer called to give me the scores. I ws ablt to give them to Chip Krable and he was able to give them to the Generals fans and you took them and added it to the blog! Networking at it's finest!
Anonymous said…
Yes and thank you and has anyone heard the final score from the Staunton-Fauquier game.

Got a question for you Jerry and I didn't know this until today, did the league go back to the 2 different divisions. Because on several team sites they have the playoffs as the top 3 teams in each divison plus the next best 2 teams out of the 5 remaining. But all the newspapers I see with standings has all 11 teams as one just like last year. If you have more info please let me know thank you.

CCD said…
I believe the format is 6 teams and 5 teams with the top three from each division making the playoffs and then the 2 teams with the next-best records (regardless of division) round out the 8 team format.

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