S. Carter's Perspective

I'm back in Lynchburg now having started my summer job. I'm bummed that I can't be back in the valley doing the tour with Dad and Rebecca but I have to work on my thesis and continue my photography business. I really enjoyed my three day stint on the circuit and met wonderful people. From the beginning I've felt this was a great idea and appreciated my dad inviting me to work on this with him. When Jerry Carter promotes something he does it right! I appreciated his confidence in my ability, though I think I've surpassed his expectations, to design some great pieces for the campaign. I would like the record to show that I was the one who started the blog! I'm glad he's found an outlet for all of his excitement and a way to show the world just what it is that is so great about the Valley League.

My experience as part of the traveling core of the promotion was memorable. I honestly can't say that I expected to feel like such a welcomed part of each community. We fit right in among the Valley faithful. I was proud to be a part of what I consider to be an all-American summer pastime which promotes good sportsmanship, athleticism and community ties. I like that families host players who come from all around the country and have the opportunity to share a part of their lives for this short time. Our families player from last season is getting married in July and I was invited to take their wedding photographs!

I am glad to have been able to meet some of you and to join my family in what I'm sure we'll all remember for a long time to come!


Anonymous said…
Just wanted to tell Sabrina thank you for the fantastic graphic designs that you came up with for this promotion. Absolutely love the Around the Valley in 60 Days logo. Pretty cool! Thanks also for the amount of time and effort that you and your family have put into this project. Whether we get a lot of participation traveling to the ballparks, the VBL has definitely benefited enormously just from the exposure that yall have given us through this experience. A huge THANK YOU to the Carter family!

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