Godspeed to young Clay Kelly as he heads back to DBU

It's 11:51 p.m. and I should be at work already but I wanted to add one note. Our baseball son for the summer received some troubling news this week (school-related) and he had to leave today driving back to Dallas Baptist University. Summer classes start Monday morning and he had a class he has to take to stay on track for his degree this year. I just spoke with him and he has made it as far as Chattanooga, TN (500 miles down, 794 to go).

Only had Clay at the house for 1 month exactly but hated to see him go and I will be worried about him until he reaches DBU- What a classy young man and his parents- Pat & Laura- should be very, very proud! Travel safe young man...


Clay checked back in exactly 1/2 way home- Spending the night in Birmingham, Alabama !
Anonymous said…
Clay has been strongly influenced by many great men and we look at you as one of the best. Although it will be great to have him back close to home, we will continue to follow your adventures with ATV. Thank you to the entire fabulous Carter family and good luck to the Wranglers!

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