Kate Collins Ceremonial First Pitch

An Interview with Tabitha and Beverly

I had a really great time before the game hanging out with Tabitha and Beverly before the game, tonight. Here are a few questions I asked them during our talk:

Now that you've seen the rest of the parks, what do you think Waynesboro does better than anywhere else?
Does it have to be about the parks? (No.) Well, Waynesboro plays ball better than any other team.

What place was most memorable for you?
We definitely remember Front Royal the most. It's gorgeous!

How long have you lived in Waynesboro?
Beverly: I have lived here for 46 years to the day. Today is my birthday!
Tabitha: I've lived here for 29 years.

Do you guys have jobs outside of being dedicated Waynesboro fans?
Beverly: I work at Invista. That used to be Dupont. I work 12 hours a day. From 6AM to 6PM for two weeks. Then the next two weeks I work from 6PM to 6AM.

Tabitha: I work at the hospital. I work daylight hours from about 7AM to 3:30PM.

How long have you guys been going to Waynesboro games together?

Last year was our first year. We traveled together to about half of the games last year.

Tell me about your families. Do they ever come with you to games?
Beverly: I have two kids, a girl and a boy. I have 1 granddaughter and 2 grandsons. I took my granddaughter to a couple of games. I remember taking her to the one in Covington.
Tabitha: I have a little girl. She's six years old, now. (Her daughter made a guest appearance later on in the evening. She's the little one in the last picture.)
Are you guys excited to throw the first pitch? Who is going to throw a strike?
Beverly: Yeah, we're excited. I bet we'll get nervous once the time gets closer.
Tabitha: I throw stuff around, sometimes. At work we throw the rolled up socks at each other just for fun, you know.
A Long Ride

They said they really remembered the first time they went to the Haymarket-Fauquier area. They hadn't realized the two parks were so close to each other and passed by Haymarket's field a few times looking for Fauquier's!

A little girl's dream come true...

Beverly brought her granddaughter to one of the games and met the players. She saw the players all lined up and pointed out number 25 (Andrew Scherer.) The little girl turned to her grandma and said, "Mamaw, he's a dollbaby!"

Beverly told her granddaughter, "He's old enough to be your daddy! You can't say that about him!"

But she had someone ask Andrew if he would mind taking a picture with her. He said he would be happy to. When he headed out of the dugout for the photo, Beverly's granddaughter hid behind her. "Someone wants to take a picture with me?" he said and the little girl blushed.

So Beverly blew the picture up to an 8 x 10 and had Andrew sign it! She had it framed as gift to her granddaughter. How sweet!

Photos from their Night of Glory

We had a bit of a rain storm before the game started. Just out of the reach of this photo to the upper right is a beautiful rainbow! Luckily, the sun came out in time for the first pitch and the rest of the game!

Two beautiful ladies waiting for the signal to head out to the mound.

A nice shot of the ladies next to the (equally fine) Waynesboro gentlemen in the dugout.

Tabitha shaking hands with Coach Nesselrodt (what a nice guy!)

The journey to that mound.

I'm going to type what those ladies were thinking: "Wow, 60 feet looks a lot further from here."

Tabitha's pitch. Looks like a strike to me!

Waynesboro catcher Austin Morgan (16) handing Beverly her ball back.

And number 25, Andrew Scherer, handing Tabitha her momento.

Look at those smiling faces!

And a guest stops by. Tabitha's 6-year-old daughter. So cute! (I would also like to take this time to point out the UVA t-shirt in the background. Go 'Hoos!)

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