Waynesboro trips up New Market 4-1 at Rebel Park- Three VBL teams reach double figures (Day 34)

Waynesboro (19-8) kept doing all the things they do right and it took the Generals to another VBL victory over New Market Thursday night at Rebel Park. The final score was 4-1 but the real winners were the town of New Market as it was Parents Day at the park. The amount of folks that were in town was unbelievable and when you add in the number of Waynesboro fans that made the trip up- it was the largest VBL crowd I have ever seen outside of Staunton.
The next special bonus was they crowd was still there at the end of the game. I have often said that the crowds at New Market were as knowledgeable as any in baseball and when you mix in the dedicated group that supports the Generals, you end up with a true 9 inning crowd. I will be back later to tell stories from the Crows Nest- sadly the Post gets delivered 365 Days a Year so we have work to take care enough first......


Anonymous said…
Great story and gamer there Jerry and I can believe the crowd was a good one. There was alot at the park for the Luray vs New Market game I was at and you know I would have been there yesterday for the Generals game but I can never make it to any parks on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Im going to send a story here in a little bit comparing records from this year to last year and a good story about each team in the standings as of July 4th.


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