The VBL is shut down for the day so for the 1ST time in 5 weeks I won't have a VBL game to attend. I guess it is okay, its not like the Cal Ripken and the Orioles didn't have days off during THE STREAK but there is an certain amount of emptiness to the fact that for the first time in five weeks I don't have a baseball game to attend.
Saturday night will be exciting as we will head down to Staunton to help celebrate the 6TH & 7TH VBL fans to complete the ATV-60 loop. A holiday week-end night down in Staunton should provide a huge crowd and any night spent with Kay & Boyd is a good one. Then Sunday we head down to Covington for the All Star festivities. Monday (Fauquier @ Harrisonburg) and Tuesday (Both Waynesboro and Staunton at home) should both be interesting because they were originally set up to be off days/ make up days but I think there are now games slated for both days. To keep the game streak alive during those two days could prove to be a challenge.
It was not my original intention to go to a park EVERY NIGHT there was a game, I simply never found a good enough reason not to. The people I have met and the stories I have been told have been such a blessing and when you add in the quality baseball I have watched....you get the idea.
From the fireworks show at Luray (7/2) to the Tacey Hawkins singing GOD BLESS AMERICA at New Market (7/3), the holiday has already begun for me. Enjoy the day, the parade and/or the fireworks that remind us of how special this day is........

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