Do you want to read about the awesome double header in Luray today? You will have to go to All Things Valley League to do it!

So the stand-up comedian says I just flew in and it was a LONG, long flight. He waits for someone to shout out "How long was it?"

Well, I have been saying all season long that I have nothing but love and respect for Mr. John Leonard and his efforts at Now it's time for the readers to say "How much love and respect?"

The events that took place at Bulldog Field were incredible but I am going to step back and re-direct everyone that reads my work over to John's site. Yes- one of the biggest stories in recent VBL history and I think John should take front and center for the run down. I was there from 1 hour before until 1 hour after the 19 innings working the PA and our camera so we will have some fun later but for now the stage belongs to our friend Mr. John Leonard!

Take it away, oh wise one! Click on the link above or the picture of John to head over to ATVL.


Anonymous said…
Now I'm on to John Leonard's motives....everywhere he goes he wins food!! He must be the best fed guy in the VBL!

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