Day #46- Photos and a thanks to the Sens Andrew Struckmeyer for a days worth of help

Early game action
A packed house in the Bulldog Field Press Box
Waynesboro's Greg Meleski at the dish
Welcome to the VBL ! Rapids owner Jim Crothers
Jim and Missy Miller take in part of the game
The Commish is the man in the Middle up in the stands
A little fun with the post game 1 handshakes
Exit Generals / Enter Wranglers
Generals rally around Owner Jim Critzer and Skipper Lawrence Nesselrodt. Skip allowed me to stick my head in long enough to say congrats on both the W and the class they displayed in representing our beloved VBL.
Bill Turner (L) is always quick to tell me that Jim Critzer is the man that deserves the credit for both the Wranglers and Bill being involved with the VBL !
The Generals line up for the post game meal
Todd Thompson catches up with Dave Biery VBL President or as I like to call Mr.Biery, "The Commish".
Some of the many supporters of the Generals that made the drive up for the game
Bill Turner joins the group of Jeff Jefferson supporters. I would be there in that group too but someone had to take the picture!
John Leonard and Mr.Bob Keen meet at last!
Dave and Todd join Bill in a discussion. The identity of the fourth in the pic will remain anonymous for now pending a SPECIAL project!
That Austin Markel just cost Flotzie's another Banana Split!
As the phrase I coined two summers ago about the Wranglers- Have Bats- Will Hit!
How many Banana Splits are we going to have to give away tonight?
Trying to capture some of the great crowd!
SRO on the 1ST base side- Page News and Courier's Bill Meade chating with Mr.Painter in the fore front
More shots of the crowd
What's up with all of the balls leaving the park?
I believe this one was CJ or was it AJ or was it JJ or was it......
The Senators finally connect for a 3 Run Blast
Lotsa and lots of folks at the ball park!
A view into the Sens dug out
Early leader in the running for the ATV-60 Greg Maddux Award- Wrangler lefty Travis Smink (VMI)
Smink at work and a shot at the COOL VBL logo the Wranglers added to the field
The scoreboard before JJ went yard 1 more time!
A very nervous young lady watches Travis pitch. I believe Juliana is kinda sweet on our Keydet but then again so are we here at ATV-60. Don't know what is cooler, his work on the mound or his sunny disposition?
Skipper and the umpire chat for a moment
More shots of the great crowd
Getting ready for post game meal #2
More shots of the crowd
Protecting our town and we love them for the effort!
Can we possibly be celebrating another HR?
Our friend from ATV claims one of the Banana Splits awarded for the final Wrangler HR!
One more game shot
Post game hand shakes all around
The two teams meet and greet after a long day at the ball yard
The VBL held its own on a pretty big stage
Skipper Mike huddles with his Wranglers
The dedicated workers preping for the Senators meal
Great food at the end of a long day of ball
How did I manage to miss out on another chance to have my picture taken with Mr. Kieth Jefferson and fellow family friends. Neat bunch following a neat youngin.
Final thoughts from the Skipper before Mike and Bill head out for a quick road trip!
Biggest smile I have EVER captured on this beatiful young lady. Makes me wonder what she is up to?
Time to head home from Wranglerville- Will the last person out please turn out the lights?
Please head over to All Things Valley League to read John's great recap of the two contests!

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