Ten Things that made my night (#45 ) a great one

10. Getting to witness the bomb that Tyler Townsend hit in the sixth inning. The dinger was Tyler's 10TH of the season and I can honestly say that was as hard of a hit HR ball I have ever seen in person at any level.

9. The 3 pitch exhibition that young Tyler Thornburg put on during the bottom of the eighth inning. The cool part for me is that I don't have to list the batter because I am not trying to show anyone up- just stand with my mouth open and say- WOW! 92 mph/90 mph/ 71 mph and with spot control to boot.

8. When I sat down to start typing I read thru my e-mails and saw that both Chris and Crystal Graham had sent me a message that their latest edition of The New Dominion had come out and that I would get to read it later this morning. Chris and Crystal worked on a feature about the ATV-60 Promotion and I can't wait to get to read it!

7. Meeting the John Lowery Jr. family- The Royals skipper had his two sons with him at the game and they served at Bat Boys for the team. We caught a couple of pics where they are passing out sunflower seeds and congratulating Townsend after his dinger. John was great to get to visit with and I look forward to seeing him again down the road.

6. Calling the game on the Web cast with Dallas Alkire and Tony Mowat up in the Crows Nest. I am coming to the end of my third season with this pair and I cherish every broadcast I get to do with them.

5. Getting to add my thoughts during the broadcast when Jeff Jefferson's (Luray) name came up as possible players that might challenge Townsend and Wiswall for the VBL MVP. I was able to tell Tony that Jeff is a good of a person as he is a ball player!

4. Getting to take a glimpse inside the Virginia Living magazine and seeing some of the work by our writing friend Austin. Austin has promised me a sit down to discuss the story but I had hoped to read it first. Lowery had a copy that belonged to one of his players- the mail subscriptions go out ahead of the News stands- so it allowed me to sneak a peak at the book. I remain a little nervous about the cover of the magazine looking too racey from a distance but it is a highly respectable publication!

3. Getting the time to visit with some of the Royals front office folks and getting Jim Phillips to show a little leg in one of the pics. I was able to speak with his wife Betty for a few minutes and that led to #2.

2. Betty Phillips picked up her 12TH and final stamp for her passport to become the 14TH known finisher of the Loop! Betty said she is not sure about throwing out a first pitch but Jim promised me he would work on her. Another young lady that was traveling with them is within two squares of joining Betty on the ATV-60 Wall of Fame.

#1. Getting to see Royals owner Jim Shipp and meeting his lovely wife at the same time. Mr. & Mrs. Shipp were in search of getting his passport stamped and I can't tell you how much that means to me. Just as Bruce Alger did with his Rebels, Jim has gone to the trouble of carrying around his passport and remembering to get it stamped. With all of the things that go on during the season for an owner to deal with- for them to carry around the card and show support of the idea is off the charts cool!!! Way to go Mr. Jim...

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