Has it really been 7 weeks already ? Day 49 of Around The Valley

It's time again for the next round of the Battle of/for the Mountain. New Market will cross the Gap tonight and come over to Bulldog Field to play the Luray Wranglers in game #4 of the series.
Luray won games one and two by 1 run with one victory coming at each park before New Market answered with a convincing victory in Game #3 back at Rebel Park. That defeat back on July 1ST seemed to awaken the sleeping Bear inside the Wranglers. Luray has captured 8 of 10 games since then if you include their exhibition tilt against the Vienna Senators.
Just as impressive as the win totals has been the runs put on the board by Skipper Mike Bocock's nine.14-16-11-16-6-7-2-5-12-19 (108 or an average of 10.8 runs per game).
The New Market Rebels come into the contest tonight fresh off a 6-2 home victory over Haymarket last night. The victory over the Senators gives the Rebels a 3-3 record over their past six games and pulled the team to within just 2 games of the eighth and final playoff spot for the 2008 season.
Bigger game than normal? You bet- and here is why:
1. Luray wins and they win the series 3-1 for the season.
2.New Market wins and the teams split the season series at 2-2
3. Luray and Waynesboro are locked in a tight battle for the #1 seed (Luray up 1/2 game)
4. New Market is down to just 8 regular season games and they need to keep winning if they hope to advance to the post season.
5. It's not Bruce vs. Bill or Skipper Nolan vs. Skipper Mike or even the Rebels vs. Wranglers in this one but I think it is the town of NEW MARKET VS. the town of LURAY!
But when the game is all over everything will just go back to normal,right?
The place should be packed with plenty of supporters lining both base lines as it is Friday night and two local teams will be playing the greatest game ever created right here at Bulldog Field. My only problem will be trying to follow Greg Maddux as he makes a rare start in a Central Time Zone park (8:15 PM in STL) while trying to entertain the folks at the ball yard. The battle will begin here in just 6 hours...

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