GeneralsSignGuyMike takes a peek inside the Bat Cave

GeneralsSignGuyMike and his sidekick Benji Boy were finally cleared by Bat Cave security and deemed worthy of entrance into the one and only Bat Cave (and it's new, convenient sports museum).

Mike did a huge favor for us here at ATV-60 by swinging by Chris Graham's office in downtown Waynesboro before heading up to Luray. The new edition of Chris and Crystal's magazine The New Dominion was ready for distribution and Chris had set aside 500 copies for us to pass Around the Valley.

was kind enough to bring us 3 cases of the magazine which enabled us to begin passing them out at Bulldog Field earlier today. Staunton Braves GM Steve Cox was able to take some back with him for Kay and Boyd Snyder to share with their fans. Linda Keen took a few copies back to Front Royal to show off until we can get more to Donna Settle and Greg Brill up at the Bing.

The normal target area for The New Dominion is Waynesboro/Augusta County, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg, so a number of VBL fans will be seeing the publication for the first time. Pages 19 and 20 of this quarter's magazine are dedicated to both Around the Valley in 60 Days and All Things Valley League. The Grahams also have some exciting news in that their magazine is becoming monthly soon.

Upon arrival in Luray, Mike and Benji took a brief tour of the Downstairs Museum of Nation
al Sports History (now featuring a beautiful exhibit about the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball teams). Each of our welcome guests stopped and posed for a picture by their favorite exhibit and then quickly agreed on what they wanted to hold during their photo together.

The new ACC basketball exhibit caught Mike's eye, as he hopes to build on his recent trip to the ACC tournament with follow-up trips around the conference.

Benji picked out the glass trophy cases that contain the logo'ed baseballs from the tour of all the Major League stadiums.

They practically raced to the next item and I think it might've had
something to do with the fact that it involved their beloved Waynesboro Generals conquering the Luray Wranglers in last year's VBL championship series.

Thanks so much Mike for bringing up the magazines (and Benji!) and taking the tour of the ATV-60 museum.

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