Here is on VBL glitch we might could fix and easy !

There are a number of things that would make the VBL even a better league than it already is. Some are pie in the sky, some are attainable with a little help from a few folks.
The one I want to address is the sharing of out of town scores over both the PA and over the web cast. This has slipped over the past year or two as not all parks have land lines in their press box and to some teams the other scores are just as important to them. Last night / tonight(?) at Luray we were able to share 4 of the final 5 scores before we left the park and we had a partial score on the final one. So how did we do it and did anyone notice?
Yes people noticed and here is how we did it:

Winchester 5- Waynesboro 2 @ Kate Collins-These updates were coming by text on my cell phone from Generals Sign Mike. Mike is following his Generals every night either by web cast, radio or at the ball park. Benji sent some text updates as well.

Fauquier 8- Covington 7 @ FHS- Buck gets the credit for the final score on this one. He was keeping in contact with someone on his phone throughout the night. The folks over at New Market gave us an early 7-2 score and then the remainder of the scores came from Buck.

Luray 19- Staunton 5 @ Bulldog Field-We were at this game but if we hadn't been then Braves GM Steve Cox has been known to pitch in with an update from time to time.

New Market 6 - Haymarket 2 @ Rebel Park- Bruce and his team does have a land line in the press box and when we are both at home we are solid at exchanging scores throughout the night. They also have the Internet so they can scan the different games around the league and that is how we knew about the 7-2 early lead and that Front Royal had an early 1-0 lead vs. Woodstock.

I really think this is one that we can get our arms around with minimal cost or effort. It's not like I am saying that we should build an out of town scoreboard at each park.....Hey, there is an idea....yeah, that's the ticket! Or how about- I can get by with a little help from my friends (Around the VBL)...

If you have an opinion on this topic I would love for you to share it with us here at ATV-60.

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