Lets play 2! It's time for Cross League Double Header

We are within 2 hours of the 1ST pitch of game 1 of the Clark Griffith League vs. VBL show down taking place today at Bulldog Field in Luray, Va.
At 4:00 PM the #1 seeded Vienna Senators (28-5) will face our/VBL Waynesboro Generals (#11)(23-10) and then at 7:30 PM the Senators will retake the field for a showdown with the home town nine (Luray Wranglers #5- 23-10). The games should provide our VBL a golden opportunity to compare the level of play in our league against other summer league squads.
Kudos to Bill Turner, Mike Bocock and Diane Buckley from the Wranglers for getting the ball rolling after hearing from the Vienna club. I would have to think that the VBL and Lawrence Nesselrodt of Waynesboro played a big part in making this HUGE day possible.

10. How big will the crowds be for the two ball games?

9. Will Travis Smink (ATV-60 Greg Maddux winner) take the mound for the Wranglers ?

8. Which media outlets will be around to cover any or all of the action ?

7. Will the guy working the PA at the ball park be able to step up for the big event?

6.How many Home Runs will leave Bulldog Field during the 18 innings of baseball ?

5.How many fans/parents will make it down from the D.C area to watch and support the Sens?

4.How many fans will show up at 4:00 PM for the opener and then stay until the end?

3. How cool will the Game Programs be with three teams being listed instead of two ?

2.Will either league be able to sweep the twin bill from the other ?

1.Anybody have a connection to the boys up in Bristol (ESPN) ? I would welcome any and all thoughts from area fans as to how big this game will be to them...Drop us a note if you can..

GO WRANGLERS ! Go Generals ! Thank you to the Sens folks for making it possible to have this day!

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