Linda Carter's First Pitch Experience and thoughts from her husband

Linda and Wrangler GM Diane Buckley before the ceremony!
When I arrived at Front Royal on Friday night to celebrate with the Cards duo of Buck and Jacob Smith I bumped into friend of the promotion Greg Brill. He was quick to ask if I was still married after criss crossing the Valley to attend at least 1 VBL baseball game now for 44 straight days. He reads the Blog enough to know that on the one day the VBL shut down for the 4TH of July I had made an 800 mile loop down to Knoxville to see my ailing mother. I told Greg that I was indeed still married and that my wife Linda is the most understanding lady I have ever been around. Lin was there every step of the way while Sabrena and I were working on the Strasburg volleyball book and she never flinched. It helped that she had been there up close and knew the story herself. Then came project #2- my attempt to help promote the Valley Baseball League. I had been around the league for two+ seasons and had made plenty of notes during that time frame. Despite the perception that I am a salesman/pitchman, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night (insert laughter here). The people in the VBL have always been so open and honest with me, in part because they knew I wasn't trying to uncover dirt or scoop someone else. A number of these people allowed me views of the league from the inside that most fans don't get to see. Two of those people were Bruce Alger of the New Market Rebels and Bill Turner of the Luray Wranglers. These two fellas made it possible for me to peak behind the curtain and see the show!
How does this trace back to my beautiful wife? Most times when I wife gives into her husband she says go/whatever/you're going to anyway- not Linda. She has an interesting job that requires her to fly out every Monday morning and she returns late on Thursday night or sometimes Friday depending on the needs of that weeks customer site. The first week-end she was there all Saturday night in Woodstock and then again on Sunday night in Waynesboro. Whether it was stamping passports or giving out the free gifts, she was there and smiling every step of the way. She headed back to work but made it back in time for the following Friday night in New Market, Saturday night with Teresa in Harrisonburg before making the Sunday afternoon journey up to Haymarket. All of this in addition to her travel and 40-50 hours of work, keeping up with our home, puppy and still trying to make it to Church service on Sunday morning. When we started out we didn't think Linda would have the opportunity to make the loop but I kept telling her about people I had met and things she needed to see. The next thing you know she had completed the loop and that is how she made it to the pitchers mound with Diane Buckley last night at Bulldog Field. I would be lost without this amazing lady whom among other things had to deal with her name becoming Linda Carter oh so many years ago. If we had a dollar for every time she heard Wonder Woman (for those under the age of 30- Linda Carter was the TV star of the show Wonder Woman). While she doesn't dress up in that outfit that Wonder Woman did back then, she is my real life Super Hero! A special Thank You to Bill & Joni Turner of the Wranglers for the special moment last night. For those scoring at home- we staged Diamond's first pitch ceremony out in the back yard of the house- photos to come later!

Heading out to the Mound for the 1ST Pitch! U of Miami product and Wrangler starting pitcher Alex Koronis was gracious in letting these two ladies borrow his mound for the moment.

Only a few steps in front of the mound . She was the star player on the Willott Road Baptist Church Angels (St.Peters, Missouri) softball team. I was the 1ST year skipper way back then, we won the Church League Crown together(with a bit of help from her older sister Tracy- who could play a bit of softball too) and then I married her... Before you start doing the math, I am only 1 year and 3 days older. She has simply aged better! Now you know the Rest of the Story!

Nice moment with the Wrangler starting Catcher Steve Stropp (Fla. International) after the Pitch / Ceremony

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