Night 47- Takes us back to the Bing to say thanks to Linda Keen!

Our 7TH trip up to the stadium that is the "Bing" gave us an opportunity to tip the ATV-60 Cap to another supporter that completed the Around The Valley Loop.

Mrs. Linda Keen managed to sneak across the finish line ahead of the remainder of the VBL Board to join New Market's Bruce Alger as the two team/league reps to complete their ATV-60 passports. I had the pleasure of visiting with Linda for the first half of the game and our conversation was insightful as always. One of the hot topics of conversation throughout the season has been how many officials from both the teams and the VBL would be collecting the stamps along with the fans.

[Editors note- Mrs. Betty Phillips (Jim's wife) falls somewhere between the two categories]. Betty is both a Winchester fan and has ties to the team as Mrs. GM...

My answer to this was very simple- Our friend Bruce Alger didn't manage to keep his passport in tact and get it stamped at 11 different parks so he could be applauded- he did it to show me and my family that he was supporting our efforts to shine a spotlight on our wonderful league.
I would agree that the players and the coaches are required to attend every game over the 60 days but once there is not a uniform involved....

I smiled when Winchester's principal owner was in line the other night at New Market to collect his next stamp. I am sure that Jim Shipp is not after me to buy him a jacket but he is simply showing his support of the promotion and for this he gets my utmost respect.

Jeff Buckley is another quiet hero on the trail of the ATV-60 I need to mention as well. Jeff is married to Wranglers GM Diane Buckley and Diane will be attending the Wranglers game at the Bing Saturday night. This will be her final stop on the way and it dawned on me that every place I ran across Diane at a game, Jeff was nearby with their girls. Again- a salute to some more "official" people who have been Card Carrying Members of ATV-60's attempt to promote the VBL.

Linda Keen gets bonus points for one more reason. She is married to a gentleman that shares the same profession as myself. Anyone who has delivered papers at some point of their life (Bob Keen and I have our entire adult lives) understands that it takes its toll on any relationship with spouses and children alike- so Linda- this Root Beer is for you!

Rebecca and I both took a number of pics and she is upstairs working on them now. I know they will be up soon as will a gamer from Mike down in Waynesboro.

The NVD's Tim Tassa was at the game with Ace camera man Dennis by his side so if you are local you should pick up a copy of the Northern Virginia Daily tomorrow, if you can't, you can check out this young mans work at in a few hours.

The game allowed me to spend time with Mr. & Mrs. Greg Brill while Greg was doing the Web Cast (pics to follow) as well as newest ATV-60 members Charlie, Melissa and Noah Dodge. I was able to greet Mrs. Alger when I wasn't trying to solve the mysteries of the universe with her husband Bruce. Melissa introduced me to Mr. Mooney who was there to watch his son Michael play for the Rebels. The younger Mooney has spent this summer with the Dodge family and I know Melissa has pics to share.

Front Row Fred was there as were a number of dedicated Rebels fans. I was able to say hello to Katie and find out her friend from the photo the other night was Allison. The always smiling group from the Cards concession stand posed for some shots and there should be one neat one of the little model of "The Bing" that is sold at the stadium.

The New Dominion Magazine released yesterday was loaded in to the car and copies were given to both Donna Settle and Bruce Alger. Luray and Staunton received some yesterday so I am 4/11 of the way thru getting them to all 11 VBL parks.

Back at Bulldog Field for another night of working the PA for the Braves- Wranglers tilt and then night #49 will be more of the same as we continue the battle of the mountain series vs. New Market. Time to go to work- the pics from tonight should be up before long!

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