New Market at Front Royal in Photos

Dropping off the magazines from The New Dominion
The Bing- and all of its beauty
Bob and Nolan meet with the umpires
Eager fans waiting the 1ST pitch
Nice Bunt!
UNC-Pembroke's Kevin Dietrich pulling into 3RD base
Action photo
Game Shot
Trying to capture the angle of the park
Bennet Davis getting ready to hit
Rebels meeting at the mound
Congrats on the Cards side
Great camera work by Rebecca
Steve Owens on the Hill
Mr. & Mrs.(Lynne) Bruce Alger and Mrs. Linda Keen
More Rebels supporters
Front Row Fred in the middle of the action
He likes the Dodgers- She likes the Padres-I like them both!
A large number of Rebels fans made the trip
They were everywhere you looked
Mr. Pete Mooney and a buffed Master Alger
Completed Loopsters- Noah & Melissa Dodge
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Brill in the web cast booth (Cathy)
Linda and her husband Bob visit with a friend
Another friend of the Keens- wearing a birthday present the Keen's brought back from the All Star Game in Covington
Working hard at the grill but he took the time to point out other hard working folks
Smiles all around!
Mini version of the Bing- On Sale for $20.00
(From Rebecca) I only added this picture because it seems very "Stop in the name of love."

More young baseball fans!
The Bing Scoreboard
Cards Tucker Pryor in action
Comparing notes with Blue
Where are they loking at here ?
(From Rebecca) No matter how many times I go to Front Royal, I always forget to bring my seat. After a while of sitting on top of the dugout, your back starts to ache and you just need to lay down. That's how pictures like this are born.

Nice shot
A different look from the dug out
Charlie Dodge and Mr.Pete Mooney talking baseball

Post game hand shake
Me heading out in hopes of getting a pic with Father & Son
Skipper Bob Brotherton and his son/ assistant J.B

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