1 More story and I will be ready for tonight- more notes from Staunton

3:33 p.m.- Only four hours left until the opening pitch and with the planned walk to the park I will leave earlier than normal. I wanted to tell you about the sights and sounds from last night while Rebecca is upstairs working on the pictures.

Ten things that made the Braves game special!

#10.- The location of the park itself and the history of the entire area of Staunton. From the time you make the turn down by the tennis courts you know that you are in a special, special place. Gypsy Hill Park really has something for fans of all ages that include a golf course, trails, skateboard park, basketball courts. little league diamonds and the outdoor movie spot in the park.

#9.- Getting to visit with the H'Burg fans and their vocal partner in crime (Wease Jr.- he reminds so much of his Dad). Matt was extra fired up last night (I think he was missing his Mom-Teresa was busy in Richmond planning a wedding). What a pleasant group and the road crowd was a nice size for a make up game.

#8.-Getting to watch Kay Snyder at work! I think I would pay the $5.00 just to witness the effort that Kay puts out every night. She (and Boyd) has an incredible support team around them and they are always trying to stay a step ahead of the game. She is coming to our place tonight and I hope she will be able to relax a bit so we can visit some more.

#7.- This one goes to Kay as well. Each night at the park we tell the owners that we are here to take pictures of the people important to them. We are trying to tell stories about the people behind the scenes and the die hard fans that support the club. Kay did a great job of finding Rebecca whenever she saw another person for us to see or meet.

#6.- The Commish- In my earlier notes I mentioned that Dave Biery was at the game. This was the first time I bumped in to Dave since the road trip started. It was pleasant to share some early thoughts with him and Dave was also able to speak with Chris Graham before Chris headed home. Dave is based out of Staunton area and is also on the list of feature story to do's.

#5.-Chris Graham working around his busy, busy schedule to make the time to re-visit the adventure that is Around The Valley in 60 Days. I wanted the sights and sounds of the park to be part of the story he is helping us tell. July 15Th is the next edition of his magazine- The New Dominion...Can't wait.

#4. Generals Sign Guy Mike- Mike supports this site at a level that makes it all worth it. Staying true to his nick name, Mike had created a sign listing the order of his journey. Rebecca got a snap shot of that and it will be up soon. I hope to have a sit down with Mike when he makes it to Luray next week!

#3.- The home town Braves fans! The game was not on the original schedule but that didn't keep the home town fans from showing up early with their lawn chairs as well as the ones that sat in the bleachers. Great crowd and a great atmosphere for one most fans thought to be a day off. The heat was there all night but I don't think it dampened the crowds spirit. I love the set-up of the park, from every angle. The fact that the players are so close to home plate and the fans are right on top of them truly makes it a great place to see a VBL game in 2008...

#1 & #2.- As I did in Winchester, I am going to hold onto the final two topics ( in this case,people) until I can them the time and space their story deserves-

Gene Davis- voice of the Braves &
Leslie Flickinger Jr.

I think you will enjoy them both!

Final note for the night came when I asked Boyd in the late innings what their favorite part of owning the team was. "It's all about the kids for both Kay and me," Snyder said. "The relationships that are built can last a lifetime."

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