#10 is in the books! Staunton was great and now Luray is just a walk (1.8 miles) to the park!

The Around the Valley in 60 Days express pulled back into Luray @ 12:27 a.m. after stop 10 of 11 down in Staunton! Kay & Boyd were great host and Chris Graham came by to finish his feature story on the promotion/ league. Generals Sign Guy Mike came over from Waynesboro, the Harrisonburg gang (great dance pictures to come) to be named later was in full force and the VBL President (Dave B.) stopped by.

I will be the first to admit that both my daughter and I are worn out but we have to go to work for a few hours. The 11th and final game will be at home tonight when Staunton travels up to Bulldog Field to Luray. I was excited to find a number of posts waiting for me, including one from our spotlight family from our trip to Haymarket (Parker family). Rebecca will get the photos up as soon as she can see out of her blood shot eyes and I will type out the highlights from the night shortly after.

Gypsy Hill Park turned out to be 60 miles each way on the odometer giving us 120 for the day! To add a special touch to the finale we will be walking to the field and run thru a yellow tape just like at the end of a marathon! Mike posted the 3-1 Braves win over H'Burg and Woodstock won 12-10 over Luray and I hear Melissa is trying to recover from last night!

More to follow- gotta go to work for a bit!

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