Honoring the Bulldogs

At the Wrangler game last night, the beginning of the night was dedicated to a group of talented athletes that accomplished something none of their predecessors had dreamed of: a 26-2 season, being defeated only in the semi-final round of state competition. I'm speaking, of course, of the Luray High School Baseball team!

We, and the entire Wrangler family, could not be prouder of these 'Dogs! Here are some pictures of the celebration last night:

Getting' psyched up!
The 'Dogs before they're entrance onto the field. They all look nice in their polo shirts.

Getting ready and some words from Mike Bocock.
Mike Bocock helps hand out the baseballs (all 17 members of the team and staff that were present got the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch) and also gives them some words of encouragement.

The Main Event!

The 'Dogs get called out, one by one, onto the field. They get welcomed to the diamond by all the members of the Luray Wranglers (and cheers from the crowd). The players came out numerically. All are photographed except Junior Alan Taylor (11) and Junior Jacob Jenkins (16).

Their moment in the sun!
The guys line up along the first base line as the crowd cheers them on. Then they all simultaneously throw the ceremonial first pitch. Now Cory Johnson is a pretty talented catcher but I think he knows his limits so he recruited some teammates to help catch all those balls!

Happy Campers.

The guys all head off the field holding their balls tightly in their fists. They all seemed pretty excited to be honored by the entire Wrangler crowd (especially Chase Suddith, look at that face!)

Hey, Coach!
We took a quick snapshot of head coach Steve Griffith right after the ceremony. He seems happy, too. Job well done, coach.

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