Passport Complete ! 11 in 11 in the Books !

The score book will read Luray Wranglers 6, Staunton Braves 3. The calender will read 06/10/08 but for Rebecca and myself it will always be remembered as 11 of 11! We survived a short rain storm/delay to make it to the end of the journey that has been Around The Valley in 60 Days. In our case we made it Around The Valley in 11 days and we have a car trunk full of memories that we will continue to share over the summer of 2008.

We will be writing a lot about Bulldog Field and the Wranglers so this posting will be shorter than most. Maddux is pitching now in the 6Th inning against the Dodgers with the score tied 1-1. I guess if Greg isn't going to complain about it then I shouldn't either but would it kill San Diego to score some runs for my guy?

Mike checked in to let me know that Waynesboro @ Winchester had been rained out and maybe Melissa will let us know about Haymarket @ New Market later. The journey is in the books and I will now try and reflect on the ride!


Anonymous said…
I was listening to the webcast of the Luray-Staunton and also the other 2 games going on. Fauquier and Covington was rained out no date announced for the makeup.

The other games that was played tonight was Front Royal 3 Woodstock 1 in 10 innings and heard that Cunningham (FR) had a walkoff 2 run hr. New Market defeated Haymarket 6-3.

Happy you made all 11 in 11 days I was hoping that the rain passed and it did quickly and atleast u got thru it. Congrats to the whole Carter family job well done!!

Anonymous said…
Thanks Jerry & Rebecca!!!!! Your awsome!!!
Anonymous said…
What a roller-coaster of a game that was! The Rebels started out strong by jumping out and carrying the lead for most of the game. The error bug came a bitin' and Haymarket managed to tie up the game in the 7th inning. Rebel Park got pretty quiet as we all feared that our boys couldn't hang on and that Haymarket was about to bust the game wide open with their recent hot streak at the plate. Matters seemed to become even more bleak as Rebels head coach Nolan Neiman was invited by the plate umpire to leave the park. The baseball fairy must have made a fly by because soon afterward third basemen Jeff Toth blasted a single homer over the centerfield fence--one of the prettiest I've seen at Rebel Park. Kevin Dietrich then followed right behind with a double. Mike Gatlin (rf) from NC State grounded to the pitcher who overthrew first base. The ball rolled all the way down the 1st base/right field fence line and into the farthest corner--it must have been from that massive and collective exhale that we Rebels fans let loose as our boys finally took advantage of the talent they are blessed with. We head to Staunton tonight hoping that this is the beginning of a hot winning streak for our boys in blue (white,red, & gray!). I'll be collecting my 7th passport stamp tonight-- I'm trying my best to catch up with you Jerry & Rebecca!
Anonymous said…
ooops! Did I mention that Mike Gatlin plated a run on that overthrow to 1st? I just couldn't believe it as he chugged along crossing base after base. It was one of those incredible moments which my son aptly described as perfect material for a Sports Center hi-light clip. As SignGuy Mike mentioned previously the final score went into the books as Rebels 6 Senators 3. Hopefully this will be just the boost our guys need to spark a turn-around for the rest of the season. Though I keep coming back to the whole issue of timing. The ultimate season decider comes down to which team starts peaking at the right moment. The optimist in me concludes that my Rebels are just warming up and they are in it for the long haul. Life is good behind these rose-colored glasses! ;o}

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