Day 14- The first day we didn't HAVE to go to a ball park- so we went to 5 of them!

We here at ATV-60 are not afraid of Friday the 13Th so we set out to try and do something extra fun. The morning started with a 3:00 a.m. trip up to Dulles (Airport) to drop off Mr. Pat Kelly. Pat has been staying with us this week while visiting his son Clay (Wranglers). Pat was insistent on giving me something for my time and trouble so I went in search of an adventure for the night. After doing 11 in 11 and then having back to back home games working the PA at Bulldog Field, it was going to be night 14 and my/our first night without any scheduled requirements.

So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this idea:


6:14 PM- Linda, Diamond, Rebecca and I loaded up the Mercury (43,357.2/303.1)) and headed out of Luray. The first stop in town was work related but the second stop was @ Bulldog Field. The Wranglers were on the road so it was a different look at our park and included shots of all the cars the players drove up in to ride the bus to Winchester.

6:30 PM- (43,359.6/305.5)) Headed west on US-211 over to New Market (Rebel Park). The Rebels were playing on the road at Fauquier (Warrenton) so the team bus had been heading East for a bit.

6:52 PM- (319.9)Stopped for a few more pictures of the beauty that is Rebel Park. The stop was a quick one before heading north on US-11. The next stop was in Mt.Jackson at Wendy's to get the Mrs. a salad and then we were off to Central High School in Woodstock.

7:29 PM- (338.3)- We pulled into CHS and this time we were going to catch some VBL baseball.Covington had made the trip up to Woodstock to face the River Bandits. The first thing we spotted was Melissa at the front gate. The last time we were there it was on opening night and she was two days from giving birth to her 6Th child. We were debating on the way up if she would be back out there less than 2 weeks later and she was. She had baby Morgan resting in the stroller by her side. Rebecca was quick to take some shots of Mom and Baby.

Headed into the park and bumped into Stu and Mrs. Richardson and Jeff's Dad (Jerry Walters). Yes Jeff, I still think it is funny too! The next stop was in the Covington bullpen where we were in search of a photo of Alex Jones. It won't be everyday that we will be able to stop and get a close-up of a player after a post from his family but I couldn't pass this one up.

The next stop was the press box (by way of passing the Lumberjacks team bus) were I walked into a trio of ATV-60 ALL-STARS. I knew that I would see Roger Wilkins (PA-among other duties) but I also ran into Larry Smoot and Jeff Walters. Larry was quick to tell me that Roger and him have known each other since playing Little League together and while Jeff and I have ties that go all the way back to USC-Aiken. That is a great story for another day but it was terrific to visit with three people I have so much respect for at one time.

A 4TH ALL-STAR was working below- Craig Orndorff ( ) was outside doing the webcast.

The game didn't start until 7:45 but this made my wife happy because the original plan included a dash to Fauquier after Front Royal. The slightly delayed start in Woodstock took that
part of the puzzle of the table.

8:05 PM- (338.3)- Jumped back into the car and this time turned on the AM radio to 610 so we could listen to the Luray @ Winchester while making our way up I-81 to exit 313. The game was moving at a really quick pace. At 8:28 PM it was in the middle of the fifth inning (Half time and I like to call it) in less than 1 hour. The score was tied at 1-1 with both teams scoring on solo home runs. Jeff Jefferson (Liberty U.) hit the Wrangler home run off Winchester starter John Leonard (No- not that John Leonard).

8:41 PM- (371.2) We finished the 32.9 mile trek and headed into the ball yard for a lightning quick 21 minutes. It was not good karma for the Wranglers that we were there as Winchester pulled out to a 4-1 lead on the visitors. We knew we had 20 minutes and there was so, so many people we wanted to speak to. On the Wranglers side we noticed owners Mr. and Mrs. Turner, GM-Diane Buckley and her husband Jeff and a host of other fans and staff that made the journey north. A quick trip to the press box to greet the new friends we had made during our tour stop (Andy, Bobby and Vince) and then to catch a shot of one of Winchester's biggest fans who missed us the last time through due to a church function.

Brian took the time to introduce us to his son and lovely wife and shared a laugh with us after we described our plans for the day. One last stop was at the Luray bullpen for some shots of the troops waiting for the call. Enough time left to buy a couple of sodas and head back to the car. 21
minutes total and now the game was in the bottom of the 7Th inning. While we were there they gave away another four pack of tickets to a Wrangler game and a Crystal Clear Delivery/ Bill Turner Inc. day planner!

9:02 PM- (371.2) Headed out of the lot with the radio still tuned to AM-610 and listened to the game while working our way over to stop #5 in Front Royal. The action quickly went into the ninth inning as we approached the lights of Bing Crosby Stadium. Jeff Jefferson led off the ninth with a double and came in on a single by Jeremy Cruz. The lead was trimmed down to 4-2 when the next batter singled and Cruz went to third and the batter (McClain, I think) went to second on the play.

9:34 PM- (395.6)- Completed the drive of 24.4 miles (took I-81, not US-522) in 32 minutes and we were split on getting out of the car. Luray had the tying runs in scoring position with no outs in the ninth inning. I headed inside in search of the gang from Haymarket while Rebecca and Linda waited for the outcome of the Winchester contest. A quick look at the scoreboard showed the visiting Senators were leading 7-3 in the eighth inning and I noticed Bernie (One of the Haymarket Fab 4) sitting with a group of fans. I sat down and watched the final two innings with Bernie, Joanne Cashwell (Mrs.Haymarket Joe) and a host of smiling folks.

Bernie took the time to write down some names and later we took some pictures of Mr.& Mrs. Haymarket Joe, Dawn and Marc DeRose (Son-Nick #12- Appalachian State) and David and Susan Hildreth (Son- Ben- 3rd year with Haymarket). There was some group shots taken as well and Bernie told me about the history of the teams organization. There are some ties to the New York Yankees and some others to the Boston Red Soxs that I will try and elaborate on when they make their first trip down to Luray.

Linda and Rebecca walked in with the news- the Winchester bullpen managed to strike out the next three Wranglers to preserve the 4-2 victory and moments later Haymarket closed out a 7-3 road win over the Cards. The last score from Woodstock had Covington up 5-1 and the other two contests had New Market @ Fauquier while Waynesboro traveled up to Harrisonburg.
Took some more photos and then headed out to the car-

Stopped at the gas station and put in the money from this morning and headed back to Luray. The total trip was 119.1 miles and lasted 4 hours and 21 minutes and while my wife was relieved I was bummed we couldn't make it a pic-6 by taking the back way over to Warrenton!
Rebecca is going to add some more random pictures from the night, later- Thanks for reading!

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