Scrolling Down Further at Augusta Free Press !!!

If you head back over to Chris/ Augusta Free Press and scroll further down you will find another article/interview/web cast that we did the other night in Staunton. Chris has been a blessing to us as we try and get the word out about the league. The time on the broadcast is 15:38 minutes and I hope you will head over when you have the time. Chris had mentioned he was going to do this for us, he was just quicker than I thought he would be...Way to go Chris ! Posted June 10TH... Around the Valley in 11 Days?


Anonymous said…
It was a great interview I was listening to it before all the games on Tuesday. Can't wait to hear the final tally on the gas milelage. The Generals have another day off and I will be listening in to the Turks-Wranglers game on the radio. I'll be seeing both of these teams with the next 5 days.

By the way Jerry I didn't know this until today when I seen the boxscores and the Generals have now picked up another UVA guy in pitcher Jake Cowan. I think Coach Nesselrodt is noticing the UVA chants and Lets Go Hoos!! in the crowd.

CCD said…
Thanks for checking in ! I'm excited about another Hoo making the Generals !

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