Staunton in Photos

Here are some pictures from our day in Staunton. We had a really great time hanging out with the Braves loyal and a few of the Turks loyal, too! (Captions to come.)


Anonymous said…
Great pictures from last night and the 3 good shots of me there. I loved the pic with the Turk fans dancing and the little catcher.

Great Top 10 also very well done and happy to be #4 and really all the diehard fans and all the fans that come to all the parks are #1.

Now I'll have to change up the schedule for the Winchester game, looks possibly as a rainout and maybe a Monday game soon and on my journey to bring back the snowcones. Every fan needs to tell their stadium (other than Covington,ty for having the snowcones I enjoyed it) to have the snowcones very soon or if not starting again next year.


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