Happy 18TH Birthday to my partner in Crime here at ATV-60: Rebecca Carter

As a parent you are often times wondering if you have given the big birthdays enough attention? We are watching a youngin hit the big 18 for the fifth and final time today! Rebecca and her Mom are off to Kings Dominion for an afternoon of fun and laughs but both understood that I needed to stay because the VBL playoffs begin at home tonight.
So what do I find when I wake up from taking a nap? She took the time to give me a present on her birthday and then she posted the story on the site. It should be the one just below this one if you have the time to read it. I think the idea came to her after reading the story that Melissa sent us about the season ending for her Rebels...
We say goodbye to the Rebels, River Bandits and the Cardinals as the playoffs begin but they will not soon be forgotten. New Market fans watched both Kevin Dietrich and Diamond (Tony's nick name for Dale) Dale Brannon wear their Rebel uniforms for the final time after great 3 year runs. Dale was as excited to be at the park as ANY player I have ever been around and Kevin is the kind of person that would try and run through a wall for you. In fact I'm not sure he didn't try to do just that a couple of times last season!
Thanks to Dale and Kevin for 3 years worth of memories and thank you to all of the players that filled the rosters this season for Woodstock, Front Royal and New Market! We couldn't of done it without you...

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