Tonight: A Lookback on the Season and a Farewell

What a great way to end the season! The Rebels picked up a win in extra innings--thanks mostly to a bases loading timely line drive to left, hit by pitcher Steve Owens (the batter before was purposely walked in hopes of getting an easy out from the mound hound). Never bet on a sure thing when the guy you're facing is a massive 6'9"!

The winning run was brought in by none other than my very own summer son, Mike Mooney, when he was walked. Mike has been the base on balls category leader for most if not all of the season (33...34 including tonight). He also currently leads the league in assists (134---before tonight). I've resisted bragging all season--now all bets are off!

The real treat of the game was giving a warm Rebel Park send off to our beloved three-peats Kevin Dietrich & Dale Brannon. Dale played every single position tonight and picked up the win from the mound! We sure are going to miss those two. Though something tells me we may see them back here one day in coaches jackets!

The season is over for us and watching those young men eat their last Rebels meal under the pavilion was a sad thing to be sure. I did pick up plenty of autographs on my ATV-60 first pitch ball so staying until the bitter end and watching them all leave was rewarding as well as wrenching. We do so hope that despite the W-L record these boys had a good time, made some new friends, and gained an appreciation for having a chance to play on the field of dreams which is Rebel Park.

They have each left an indelible mark on our hearts and have given us many hours of delight, a little sorrow, and lots of laughs. Best of luck to them all as they return to their "normal" lives. Though they are gone from here you can be sure that we will be following them through the school year as we peek at their college websites and listen in on some games through webcasts and GameTracker. We sure hope to see some of them return next year.

(The Rabid Rebelle)

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