From the Desk of Ken Hockin: Braves trip Royals 6-1

Sad to say goodbye to the Royals as we will miss reading and admiring the work of Mr. Ken Hockin. Here is his recap of the Winchester vs. Staunton game tonight... Thanks one more time Ken for making it so easy for us to follow the Royals!

The Royals lost the deciding game of a 3 game set to Staunton 6-1. The Braves came out of the gate early again as they scored 3 runs on a home run by Blake McDade after Huffer and Most had singled. That proved to be all they needed for the win. Royals starter John Leonard allowed just one more run while striking out ten in 5 innings.

The Royals scored their lone run in the 2nd as Dudley singled, advanced on a single by Galbraith, and scored on a single by Wes Borden.

Josh McQuade got the win for the Braves.

The Royals finish at 28-19.

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